Lansallos Cove – Hidden Valley

OK, so ‘Hidden Valley’ isn’t really that hidden (more overlooked), but it’s one of my favorite walks. It makes a great circular walk, taking in meadows, the coastal path, Lansallos Cove, and woodland – everything really.

Lansallos - NT Carpark

Lansallos – National Trust car park

The route we took had us heading east out of Lansallos, along the lanes towards Polperro.

Lansallos - Hidden Valley Route

Lansallos – Hidden Valley Route (Map My Walk)

After a kilometre we took the path for the coast, down through the grassy, meandering, valley. It’s hard to pinpoint what’s so nice about this valley – it just is.

Entrance to 'Hidden Valley'

Entrance to ‘Hidden Valley’

Walking the 'Hidden Valley'

Walking the ‘Hidden Valley’

Where the valley meets the coast we went east, on a quest to try out new beaches – Broad Cove. It was good, a shingle beach with a strange flat rock seabed. The sea temperature was 12C, the swim was really quite quick. We seem to be on a roll at the moment with finding tennis balls on the beach – the only difficulty was deciding on the size of bat for rounders, normal, or tree?

Found-ball-rounders in Broad Cove

Found-ball-rounders in Broad Cove

Swimming in Broad Cove

Swimming in Broad Cove

From Broad Cove we headed west, along the coast path. The coastal slope had been cleared of gorse by National Trust, and the ground was covered in violets  – it was beautiful. We also met some tough looking ponies along the path.

Abundant Violets after Gorse clearance

Violet carpet after Gorse clearance

Ponies on the coast path

Ponies on the coast path

We made a quick stop in Lansallos Cove, which was looking great – National Trust, and others, have done a great job cleaning the beach after the winter. I can’t wait to be swimming here in the summer, swimming around the cove on a high tide on a summer evening is the best. Then we headed home, resuming the old argument – Devon-way or Cornish-way for the cream tea to come.

Lansallos Cove

Lansallos Cove

Afternoon Cream Tea

Cream Tea – Devon-way or Cornish-way?

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