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I’m not really sure I like daffodils, they get a bit overwhelming when every hedge is full of them – I prefer the subtle prettyness of the Primrose.
But.. Mole Valley Farmers did have a good deal on Daffodil bulbs last year, so we got 2 sacks and planted the lot. After first poking up through the grass early in February the Daffodils are now in full flower – the splash of yellow across the garden is lovely. Maybe I do like Daffodils.

Kitchen Door - Daffodils - March 2015

Kitchen Door – Daffodils – March 2015

Kitchen - Daffodils

Kitchen – Daffodils

Spring is coming !

It’s winter at the barn, the trees are bare, the ground is cold and wet. The rain was relentless through January.

Winter - Winter 2015

Winter – Winter 2015

But, at the start of February the days are noticeably lengthening, the weather has changed to cold and clear. Spring is on the way !

Frost - Winter 2015

Frost – Winter 2015

The thing I like about this time of year is that the nice days feel special, a hint of things to come.

We’ve been busy planting the garden. Hundreds of daffodil bulbs went in during the Autumn, and now they’re all starting to come up.