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Lansallos Beach Clean

On March 19th the ‘litter-picking heroes’ were on Lansallos Beach, I joined them for a few hours of beach cleaning.

To the Beach - from Lansallos Village

To the Beach – from Lansallos Village

The heroes, lead by the National Trust, had been on Lantic Beach the day before – the ‘litter’ here included a tractor tyre which was dug out of the sand and rolled up the hill to get it off the beach. If, or when, you’ve walked up the path from Lantic Beach you’ll understand what an impressive effort that was.

In spring 2014 Lansallos Beach was a mess, the huge winter storms had thrown up so much trash – the worst was polystyrene which had been broken up and blasted up the cliffs behind the beach by the gales. The National Trust, and others, did a lot of work to clean up the mess, and now the beach is looking pretty good.

Lansallos Beach - Cleaned

Lansallos Beach – Cleaned

Trash collected at Lansallos included: many plastic drink bottles being broken down to small fragments, lost fishing line, and a lot of cloth fragments. I found one Lego block, which I’d like to think came from the container of Lego lost in 1997, which is still being washed up on Cornish beaches.

As always, the path down to the beach is half the experience – the banks were covered in wild garlic and primroses.

Path to Lansallos Beach - Primroses

Path to Lansallos Beach – Primroses